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TV Guide Editor and Columnist Bruce Fretts

This week Allison has invited Bruce Fretts, editor and columnist for TV Guide, onto the show to discuss how the media, TV, and film communities are responding to recent scandals in prominent political and entertainment figures lives. Other topics discussed include Oscar scandal, political correctness in the media, late night television, film vs television response to the financial crisis and much much more. Enjoy!

Guest Bio

Bruce Fretts is a well known writer and editor for TV Guide. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Bruce worked as assistant editor for American Heritage magazine. After his stint at the magazine, he wrote for Entertainment Weekly and published a book, The Entertainment Weekly Seinfeld Companion.  Bruce currently works as an Articles Editor/Columnist for TV Guide Magazine, a movie critic for TwoCrankyGuys.com and a television critic for New Jersey jazz station WBGO.




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