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Edward Parks and Michael Rapaport of BEATS RHYMES AND LIFE

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Episode Synopsis

Beats, Rhymes and Life,” the documentary exploring A Tribe Called Quest, has been one of the most talked about and controversial music docs released in years. Joining Ondi and Vlad on BYOD we have the film’s creators, Michael Rapaport and Edward Parks.
Ever the engaging motor-mouth, Michael shared his passion for the film with us in a no-holds-barred conversation that ranged wide and deep. From the film maker’s own early love of hip-hop, to getting access to the band, to the ensuing controversy that the doc kicked up, the talk was always insightful and frequently hilarious.
Oh, and we even saved a little room for Lin-sanity. Enjoy!

Guest Bio

A native New Yorker, Michael Rapaport got his break at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival in the award winning film Zebrahead. Since then, Rapaport has appeared in over 40 notable films including, True Romance, Higher Learning, Beautiful Girls, Copland and Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite and Small Time Crooks. In 2006, he earned critical acclaim for his performance in the film Special, which premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Rapaport has also had many standout appearances on hit television shows such as “Friends”, “Boston Public” and “My Name is Earl”. A lifetime hip hop fan Rapaport is proud to make his directorial debut with BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST.

Originally from Boston, Edward Parks is an award-winning feature and commercial producer and co-founder of Rival Pictures, a Santa Monica-based production company. Rival has produced spots for clients such as State Farm, Toyota, and Nike, as well as the feature film Special, starring Michael Rapaport. The film was received to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, and was theatrically released by Magnolia Pictures in 2008. Ed is currently developing several feature projects both narrative and non-fiction when he’s not working on his Harleys.


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