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The Psychedelic Explosion of the 1960’s & Today’s New Awareness with John Schewel


Episode 237

The Psychedelic Explosion of the 1960’s & Today’s New Awareness with John Schewel

The psychedelic age of awareness–from the 1960s to today–is traced and explored with journeyman visionary John Schewel. Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert (Ram Das), and the collective mind expansion that has influenced modern technology and metaphysical understanding is shared. We also examine the CIA connections to psychedelics, the cyclical nature of awareness, and ask why the hippies turned into yuppies in this meditation on magic within and the power of exploration, hosted by Sean Stone on Buzzsaw.

Guest Bio

John Schewel grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and attended NYU at the Greenwich Village Campus in the mid sixties. He was involved in the protests of the sixties which shut down the major universities in NYC and foreshadowed the general protests against the war and mis-truth to come.

John co-founded the first NYC Be-In and also was one of the nineteen original members of the League for Spiritual Discovery, Millbrook, New York, an extension of the work that was lead and started by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert at Harvard for the use of psychedelics for spiritual exploration.

He has lived in four continents over the past forty years, exploring the mystical and spiritual paths of various cultures from Afghanistan to Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern Columbia.  From his hermetic studies in Basel, Suisse, he began focusing on computer technology guided by such works as the IChing, Paracelsus’s notebooks and other ancient systems that indicated a close relationship of the binary code and the organizations of sacred works.

On a professional level, John has 35 years experience in programming, Software Design & Development, Technology Management and Productization of Software, High Performance Computers and Transaction Processing Systems. As Vice President of Virtual Computer Corporation, he was a key member of the organization that created Reconfigurable Computing Systems used by Government Departments & Agencies, Communications Companies and Advanced Systems Engineering Schools, Worldwide. These systems performed calculation that were 10,000 times faster than compared to the existing Intel Pentium technology at the time.

As the founding editor of the Proceedings of  SPIE’s – Reconfigurable Technology for 5 years, John has been a Keynote speaker at numerous Technology Conferences and Symposiums held in the US and Europe; and was one of three invited industrial representatives to speak at the 25 Year Deep Space Exploration Planning Workshop held by NASA and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Over the years he’s had numerous technical papers published.

John led the design, construction and management  team of an advanced debit-card processing center offering connectivity for multiple card programs worldwide. Other achievements include solutions used by the aerospace industry, national security-defense and social networks that combined both engineering new technology and the architecture of business strategy.

He is currently focusing on a esoteric platform for the cross-referencing  of diverse systems from the collective consciousness of mankind, with the purpose of providing tools for spiritual explorers of the Aquarian Age. The foundation of this platform is based upon a work completed during his and Rosemary Woodruff (Leary’s) time spent at Solicchiata, Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy in the early seventies.




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