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Sandusky, Scientology & Ethical Journalism with Gawker.com Senior Reporter John Cook

40 years after Watergate, journalism has gone through tectonic shifts that affect how reporters get their stories. We examine those shifting ethical grounds with gawker.com senior reporter John Cook. We discuss topics ranging from Christopher Hitchens, Barbara Walters, the FOXNews mole, the Church of Scientology, the Sandusky trial and more–always with one eye on the place for integrity in journalism in the ‘gotcha!’-age.
John is not afraid to demystify his subjects–even when he happens to admire them–and be an advocate for truthful media. It’s a striking discussion.

Guest Bio

John Cook is a senior reporter for Gawker Media and has worked as a TV reporter and writer for Radar magazine, Mother Jones and the Chicago Tribune.




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