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Somali Pirates and the View From Iraq with NCIS and Retired FBI Tim Clemente

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Episode Synopsis

Tim Clemente shares his truth with Media Mayhem about his experience in Somalia and Iraq.
From the reasons that Somalis turn to piracy–along with who bankrolls their boats–to the sectarian divisions in Iraq, he also sets his sights on what we are doing wrong at home in the war on terror.

Guest Bio

As an FBI Special Agent Tim Clemente worked as a  counter-terrorism and tactical operations expert around the world, specializing in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa.
An expert interviewer/interrogator,  he  is extremely adept at “flipping” people, effortlessly turning
defendants, detainees, and targets into cooperators. Tim spent five years running a highly classified (above Top Secret), covert joint operation with the DOE NEST, directly protecting the United States from the threat of rogue nuclear and WMD attack. In his undercover persona as a drug smuggler, Tim worked on long-term narcotics and organized crime investigations in the US, Colombia, and Venezuela, targeting and taking down members of the notorious Cali Cartel.
Prior to the FBI Tim was a Police Officer with  the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.
On the streets of one of the most violent cities in the US, he received multiple commendations for bravery and exceptional performance of duty. After his career with the FBI Tim worked as an embedded, uniformed Counter Improvised Explosive Device Investigator with the US Army 3rd Corps in Iraq in 2007, and with the 101st Airborne Division at Ft Campbell, Kentucky in 2008.
An expert storyteller, adviser, lecturer, and writer, he has addressed and taught law enforcement, military, and university audiences. He is the author of Courage – A Pictorial Essay on Life in Iraq Today (Feb 2008), and the inventor of the Height Adjustable Rescue Assault System (HARAS), currently in use by leading counter-terrorism agencies on five continents.


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