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UK Politicians To Trump: Stop Clogging Our Inboxes With ‘Spam’!

UK Politicians To Trump: Stop Clogging Our Inboxes With ‘Spam’!

After visiting Scotland, the Donald J. Trump’s campaign started what appeared to be an international email fundraising campaign this week towards UK politicians.  Several party members of the British Parliament as well as MPs from countries like Iceland and Scotland complained that they received multiple emails from the Trump campaign asking for donations. Some found it so irritating that they be blocked. This is quite different from Trump’s lack of efforts to ask prominent Republicans stateside to help finance his campaign. It is illegal to raise money for presidential campaigns from foreign nationals. The Trump campaign is saying the emails were sent in error. Though, it seems a bit calculated especially so quickly after the Brexit. We look at the Trump campaign’s miscalculation on the Lip News with Elliot HIll and Jason Venzor. .



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