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Media Mayhem with Allison Hope Weiner

Media Mayhem is a weekly show hosted by Allison Hope Weiner, a lawyer and journalist who’s covered Hollywood for more than fifteen years. The show gives the audience a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in the media world. Through interviews with journalists, lawyers, writers and other people who work in the world of media, Allison reveals why certain stories are published, why others are never told and how the conflict between the advertising and editorial sections of a company often determines content. This show is an effort to give viewers the information they need so they can become more discerning and discriminating consumers of media content.

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Allison Hope Weiner

Allison Hope Weiner was a Century City entertainment litigator before she began writing about Hollywood as a journalist. A graduate of Columbia University and the University of Southern California Law Center, she joined the legendary firm of Wyman, Bautzer—where she represented entertainers and corporate media clients. After leaving Wyman and spending four years at another West Side law firm, Ms. Weiner began writing freelance articles about the business of entertainment for Los Angeles Magazine, George, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and Buzz. Hired by Entertainment Weekly in 2001, she covered the industry for five years, writing cover stories and features, and reporting many articles for the magazine’s must-read annual Power List. Ms. Weiner landed exclusives with James Gandolfini during his contentious contract dispute with HBO over “The Sopranos”; the only print interview with Paul Reubens after his plea deal for possession of child pornography; and gained access to the personal files of Bonnie Lee Bakeley, the actor Robert Blake’s slain wife, for a piece about how Bakeley’s obsession with celebrities led to her death.
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